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How To Be Sure About Prescriptions

HOW TO CHECK ON PRESCRIPTION VIABILITYMy grandson-in-law, a resident physician at a hospital in North Carolina, gave the following advice to our family. He indicated that physicians certainly know a lot about medicine and their appropriate use, but he indicated that Pharmacists know more. They are more comprehensively educated, they are willing to spend the time explaining what you need to know, they have programs on their computer that are programmed to relate if there are harmful overlaps between drugs, and there is no charge or need for an appointment. So, I wanted to take advantage of his advice. I went to a local Pharmacy and made a request. Not only was the Pharmacist willing to help me, he seemed enthused to do so. He entered the very extensive information regarding my wife’s medicines. The report he printed revealed overlaps in four areas: Severe, Major, Moderate, Minor. There were none in the first category, but 8 Major issues and 16 Moderate issues. It was exactly what I was looking for and am grateful to the Pharmacist and my grandson-in-law.

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