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The Family Caregivers Directory assembles needed solutions and answers for the physical and emotional pressures so often present in care giving at home. The major emphasis is on emotional issues and on critical medical responsibilities. The goal of these tools is to provide the training, information and the critical assistance valuable family caregivers need so they can provide improved medical attention to their loved patients whom they serve lovingly at home.

Winning the Battle
Of Caregiver Stress

For several decades medical research and science have advanced the U.S. practice of medicine in remarkable ways. This nation has the finest medical professionals in the world and hospitals and medical centers provide extraordinary treatment to patients. There is much to be pleased with regarding medical advancements.


But, there is an obvious omission in the treatment and training of those providing 83% of the home care - family caregivers. So, our initiative originators decided to unify all major, influences now assisting elderly medical patients and their family caregivers in Utah and help them find new solutions in the nation's most complete caregiver's directory.

Who Will Take Care
of the Industry

Our strategic objective is to help the hundreds of thousands of family caregivers in all areas, manage their own personal, emotional issues and then the care needs of their patients. Our long term objective is to change the overall culture of caregiving in the home. Together we can do it.

We knew that enough information, training and needed education existed for a truly effective program, but it was contained in too many websites, sources, etc. and caregivers couldn't or wouldn't find it. The caregiver industry needed a central, source for that information, training and education and we are energetically attempting to give it to them.

Find the Answers To All Your Personal Problems    

The directory is for the express use of every family caregiver who serves a loved one at home. Everyone is helped by the improved knowledge and skills provided by these extraordinary and comprehensive industry tools provided by your hospital exclusively to support your generous and considerate care.

The Family Caregivers Directory now exclusively includes over 520,000 questions/answers, over 8,800 articles, 13,000 discussions, magazines, newsletters, over 560 videos, blogs, books, websites, etc. Information regarding the directory can be issued by your hospital at the time of your patient' discharge, or when In-Home representatives call on the home, or at the conclusion of office visits to medical professionals.

Who Will Take Care
of the Caregivers

The Family Caregivers Directory is a training and information break-through. Now you can have it all; all the information, training, assistance, medical applications, counsel, advice and knowledge, all available on a click of your computer. This is our gift of appreciation for your kind, devoted care.

No longer must you scramble all over the web to find help. It is now consolidated into one helpful website. Never before have caregivers been able to go to one place to find all of the answers to troubling emotional and physical issues. Never before have family caregivers been able to perform their caregiving duties knowing real assistance is on the way.

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