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Get Your Great Idea Printed - Take time to create an email with your unique, effective idea or solution that saved you time, energy or money, to enable all other caregivers to take advantage of your discovery. With your consent, your idea will be made into a blog (see those below) and may be published in new short book (Both at No Charge). To feature your great idea, follow the instructions found in the box at the bottom of the far right column below, or to go direct to email form:


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Select: .

1. Include your name if you want it to be  published in the blog or in a new book,

2. Include title of your idea on Subject Line.

3. In body of email type text of your idea.

4.(Optional) Attach a non-copyrighted image, photo or graphic, JPG preferred.

5. Allow 5-7 days to have your new blog published like those on this page.

6. Thank you for sharing! 

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