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OUR MISSION – Is to positively impact the confidence, competence and motivation of family caregivers by training, education and personal problem resolution for caregivers located in Utah and surrounding states.


About Caregivers Journal

The principals of Caregivers Journal came to the conclusion that the best way family caregivers will read up on what they need to know (both for the patient as well as for themselves) is to put that information into their hands.  It was felt that family caregivers do not have the time or enough knowledge to search it out.   


Therefore a concerned consortium of authors, physicians and medical industry executives banded together to produce directories, magazines, newsletters and other needed instruction to enable hospitals, clinics, medical professionals, and support groups to put a referral in the hands of caregivers at the time of discharge from hospitals, medical clinics and physician visits. Later the Family Caregivers Network was formed to more thoroughly communicate with family caregivers.  



1. Caregiver Assistance

2. Patient Recovery

3. Family Engagement

4. Problem Resolution

5. Virtual Communication

6. Hospital Discharges

7. Physician Discussions

8. Lower Medical Costs



2. Alzheimer's Assn.

3. Area Agency on Aging

4. State of Utah

5. University of Utah

6. Utah Comm. on Aging

7. Utah Hospital Assn.

8. Utah Caregiver Support


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Bradly L. Baker


Experienced senior leadership career in Product Management, Worldwide Operations and Human Resources at Fortune 500 firms including American Express and 15 years with Microsoft Corp. at their top headquarters most recently in Redmond, WA. He is currently serving  at the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints overseeing the service missionary program on a global basis. He is an active volunteer. 

Patricia G. Morton

Director - PhD, RN


is Dean Emeritus, at the University of Utah College of Nursing.  Dr. Morton served as Dean and Professor at the University of Utah College of Nursing from 2013 to 2018.  She also held the Louis H. Peery Presidential Endowed Chair.  Dr. Morton is an educator and scholar and is known for her work in critical care nursing and education. She has authored three textbooks, and many book chapters, and 50 journal articles.


William H. Nelson Director

The former CEO of Intermountain Health Care a highly integrated nonprofit healthcare system with in excess of 160 healthcare facilities, including the hospitals, clinics and an insurance organization, from 1999 until his retirement in early 2009. He received his B.S. in Accounting from the Marriott School of Management located at Brigham Young University, in 1967. He was also the first recipient of the National Healthcare Leadership Award.

John R. Ruppel


President and CEO of Homestore, Fashion Fabrics, Federated Services, and of Financial  Freedom and as Vice-President of the ZCMI department stores. He is the founder and Director of Caregivers Journal. He is a BS Marketing graduate from the University of Utah, He is the author of 60 online small business courses, two caregiving books and was the initiator of the Utah Family Caregivers Network. He has been a constant caregiver  to his wife for nearly 50 important and significant, and vital years of marriage.  

J. Howard VanBoerum


President Emeritus,

Van Boerum and Frank Associates - (56 years)

A career focused on technically and challenging projects, a majority of which have been hospitals and research laboratories. His many noteworthy projects also include the Utah 2002 Olympic Bobsled Luge Track, the stately Scott M. Matheson Courts Complex, Salt Palace Convention Center, and the University of Utah Chilled Water/High Temperature Plant. and other buildings at the University of Utah Medical campus.

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